Put-in-Bay Bachelorette Party Tips

You already have learned the How-To of throwing a Put-in-Bay Bachelorette Party, now we provide you with a few tips and tricks to make your weekend event more fun and less stressful.

Book Your Lodging Early

Remember, weekends at Put-in-Bay book up very quickly, especially the busy holiday and high-season times. Your best bet is to reserve your hotel room or rental home at least 2 to 4 months in advance. Rental home and Waterfront Condo information and group bookings can be found at 216-898-9951. Hotel room availability and reservations can be found at 419-285-3101.

Select Someone to Take Charge

From the get-go, one or two people should step up to spearhead the event. The Maid of Honor is a natural choice, but sometimes it makes more sense to have someone else take charge. This way, all of the Put-in-Bay home or hotel reservation information is in one place and there's a designated person to handle any concerns from the rest of the group.

Planning ahead of Time

Plan your bachelorette event AT LEAST three to four months time prior to the big night or weekend - this will give you and those invited to get prepared, save up money, and you'll insure that your going to get the reservations you want. However, it would behoove you to plan it even further in advance if you want to ensure you get a room, suite, villa, or home on a popular Putinbay weekend (lodgings fill FAST; ex. Spring Fling usually fills by February).


Communication is key when there are so many people involved. If you're in charge of the party, reach out to the group and ask for their thoughts and expectations for the event. And if you're a member of the group, don't wait until the last minute to voice your opinion. Keep the conversations going, about money and the fun details, so that everyone feels included.

Don't Drink & Drive

Put in Bay Ohio may seem like a true island paradise and far far away from the real world. However, please remember that it is still in Ohio, USA, and all drinking laws are strictly enforced! We definitely recommend renting a golf cart and driving around the island to see all the sights. But when you go out in the evening to party downtown, you safest bet is to keep a taxi number handy. We recommend Island Club Taxis which services the whole island and is only $3/pp each way! Program this number in to your cell before you hit the island - 419-285-5466 (Island Club Taxis).

Make a Needs and Wants List

You know what the bride-to-be would definitely want for her weekend, so keep those activities under the "needs" column. Then, list any activities that she'd appreciate but aren't crucial to her enjoyment. Once you've determined how much those necessary things cost, you'll know if the group can afford to add on any of the extras. Remember, once you are here on the island, there is no Walmart or Kroger. Bring what you need with you!


A total number of attendants is necessary to determine how much each person will spend. This needs to be nailed down ASAP so the group knows what activities they may or may not be able to afford. "Male entertainment", winery tours, and poolside cabana rentals cost a few dollars so a headcount is needed. YOU should also RSVP to the island businesses that you have made plans with, such as golf cart rentals, dinners, and spa packages to confirm your dates and amounts.

Figure Out a Set Dollar Amount

A couple months before the bachelorette party, figure out how much each person should expect to contribute. Everyone should receive an email with details about what that amount includes. For example, if the amount is $300, let them know it includes the hotel room, dinner with one drink, etc. If there are any parts of the weekend that won't be covered by the set amount that should also be mentioned so nobody has any spending surprises.

Rent a Golf Cart

On Put in Bay Ohio, the principal (and most fun) method of transportation is golf carts rentals. There is just not enough parking for regular cars. We recommend Island Club Golf Cart & Bike Rental for all your rental needs, be it golf cart, moped, or bicycle. They are located right in the middle of downtown, and the island can be traveled at your leisure in your very own 4-, 6-, or 8-person golf carts rented hourly, daily or overnight. Make your reservations ahead of time on their website.

Designate a Human Bank

Everyone should bring the set dollar amount in cash, and upon arriving they would give it to a designated bank person. At the end of the weekend, whatever money is left should be divided equally among the group. Of course, each girl should also bring her own spending money for necessities such as pool drinks, daily munchies, the random jet-ski ride, or whatever else suddenly happens.

Late Night Munchies

Put in Bay has a lot to offer and many bachelorette groups go out and enjoy the evening at our diverse selection of bars and clubs. But what happens when you and your group stumble back to your hotel room or rental home and you have the munchies? Fear not! Plan ahead and program the number for Put-in-Bay Cameo Pizza in to your cell phone. Don't wait until it is too late and you can't find the number. 419-285-4444 (open until 3am on weekends!)