Put-in-Bay Bachelorette Party Photo Guide

Taking pictures during the bachelorette party is a great idea as everyone has digital cameras today. This guide will give you some of the best tips we have uncovered online and heard from past parties. As always, use your best judgement and make sure that the bachelorette has a great time!

No embarrassing bachelorette party pictures

PhotosYou do want the bride-to-be to still get married after the party weekend on Put-in-Bay, right? We suggest that you do not take pictures of her in possibly compromising situations: innocently flirting with guys, sitting on top of a male dancer (or vice versa), or doing anything else that may cause undue embarrassment or humiliation. The general rule of thumb is that the groom should be able to look at all the pictures you take. You definitely do not want the bachelorette to hide a few pictures or for somoeone else's bachelorette party pictures to surface later and cause grief for the bride or groom. Ask yourself one question before you take any bachelorette party picture, "would I want someone else taking this shot of me?".

Don't give your camera to an irresponsible bachelorette

PhotosThe last thing anyone wants is for the entire night of a great Put-in-Bay bachelorette party to be ruined. When fun pictures are taken and you then find out that you cannot find the camera, many hearts will drop. Choose someone responsible to watch the camera. If not, it may turn up on some lucky guy's chair at a downtown bar... and your pictures may then end up all over the internet or possibly even erased with a present of new pictures for the person who finds it. This may be a worst-case scenario, but better safe than sorry. Unfortunately, not everyone is honest and we want to help keep you safe. A good hint is to make sure you have your name and phone number on the camera so you can be contacted if it is lost.

If you are going to take pictures, then take pictures!

PhotosMake sure that the bachelorette who you assign to take pictures is actually good at taking them! Do not let her just carry around the camera like a purse or bracelet, strolling through Putinbay. She is responsible for capturing your special memories which will last a lifetime for all involved. Give the camera to one of the girls who is known for taking great pictures and who also wants to be the one responsible for preserving the bachelorette party fun via pictures.

Erase bad or blurry bachelorette party pictures

PhotosGo through the group's camera periodically and erase those shots that look horrible. It is in poor taste to keep any pictures that make other bachelorettes in your group look ugly, bad-funny or like bridezilla when they were just having a momentary bad hair moment or have just woken up after a night of "fun" on Put-in-Bay.

Take as many Group Shots as you take Individual Shots

PhotosToo much of the time, girls forget to take those personalized shots. Make sure to get the group together many times both before and after you start drinking since it is great and memorable to have everyone in some group bachelorette party pictures (people tend to wander off in groups as the night goes on). Also, make sure to get a few of the bride-to-be and individual other bridesmaids having fun together. This was each bachelorette gets a personalized memory of her fun weekend.

Staged vs. Natural (or "say cheese" vs "aha") pictures

PhotosMake sure to get both kinds of pictures to make your album more diverse. Take prepared pictures when all the girls know there will be a shot. Also take some unexpected pictures of yoru girls and other people having fun, not knowing they are going to be photographed. Just keep the pictures tasteful!

Late night Put-in-Bay pictures

PhotosAs the bachelorette party rolls on through the wild downtown area, make sure that someone thinks clearly on the bachelorette party pictures you may take at the end of the night. More than likely, the girls will have been drinking a lot and may be more "relaxed" and uninhibited and do more unexpected things than they normally would. Things that should not be caught on camera (see our note above about no embarassing pictures). It is a good idea to ask the girls the next day to look through the previous night's pictures and make sure they are okay with them. Some of your girls may have been too intoxicated the previous day/night to give you a proper answer in good judgement while having fun.

Bring a spare battery and card!

There is nothing worse than getting ready for that absolutely perfect shot that will be the best of your bachelorette party trip, and the camera won't work. Please make sure that you have enough memory chips or sticks and that the battery is fully charged. There are too many times that someone forgets to charge the battery or runs out of memory which can take away from getting the most amazing shots. Bring your battery charger too! Your Put-in-Bay hotel room or house will have plenty of outlets.

Send Us Your Pictures and Videos!!!

Would you like to have your party memorialized for future bachelorettes to see and enjoy and get some great ideas? Send us your best pictures and video links and you might appear here also! Send us your info via the Contact Form and we will get in touch with you.

Video of a wild Put-in-Bay Bachelorette Party held at the Island Club with some late night Mr. Ed's Bar partying...