Put-in-Bay Bachelorette Gift Ideas

Most engagement parties are usually tame enough for even silver-haired maiden aunts, but a bachelorette party is a whole other party scene where girlfriends can enjoy a rollicking night out celebrating the bride's final days of "freedom."

Of course, sexy lingerie and other racy gag gifts are at the center of any bachelorette party, but check out a few more "best of" ideas for honoring the blushing bride-to-be:

GiftsLingerie: For a racy, laughter-filled bachelorette party this is the all-time favorite gift to give any future bride. On the more practical side, famous names like Victoria Secret and Frederick's of Hollywood are notorious for cookie-cutter sizes. If you're really serious about giving lingerie, also include a gift card so that the future bride can pick out something custom fit she'll really want to wear on her honeymoon night.

Bachelorette party gag gifts: These can range from provocative sex toys, edible underwear, handcuffs, gels, lubricants and racy DVD videos to the more practical McDonalds gift certificate (for when she burns her first dinner.) Use your imagination, but think about the personality of the guest of honor and don't go overboard. You want the bride blushing, but not feeling too uncomfortable.

GiftsWedding survival kit: This thoughtful gift basket might include safety pins, hairspray, hair pins and clips, deodorants, breath mints, clear nail polish, soft slippers, eye drops, cough drops, bottled water, a tube of super glue, a pocket-sized umbrella, or anything else you think qualifies as life-saving emergency supplies for the big wedding day.

The awww factor: Highlight this major milestone in her life by getting other girlfriends together to contribute to a "This is Your Life" celebration. Gather pictures from guests and e-mail them in advance to ask for special childhood memories to be included in a photo album. Everyone, including the bride to be, will be truly touched.

Women know that a bachelorette party should be fun, but it should also include a few fun gifts that poke fun at the bachelorette. These fun gifts are meant to slightly embarrass the bachelorette while still giving her something she'll use. Here are just a few fun gift ideas for bachelorettes.

Gift Idea #1: Cooking for Dummies

GiftsIf the bachelorette isn't great at cooking, this is a really fun gift to give her. This book will teach her basic skills that will hopefully allow her to cook a meal that is edible. A fun gift to include with this book would be money to attend a cooking class.

Gift Idea #2: Skimpy Lingerie

A fun gift that always seems to embarrass bachelorettes is skimpy lingerie. Buy the skimpiest outfit you can find, one that is sure to turn her face red. If you want to embarrass her even more, include a fun toy that can be used on her honeymoon.

Gift Idea #3: Honeymoon Basket

GiftsAnother fun gift idea for bachelorettes is a honeymoon basket. While this basket can include items that are embarrassing, you should also consider including nice items as well. For example, add candles, chocolates, a CD of love songs, and His and Her robes.

Gift Idea #4: Erotic Dice

Erotic dice are an extremely fun gift idea for bachelorettes. One dice features actions, while the other dice lists body parts. The couple simply rolls the dice and follows its commands. This will create an exciting night for the couple.

Gift Idea #5: Fredrick's of Hollywood Card

GiftsIt can be hard to buy lingerie for someone, even someone you know really well. Instead of guessing at sizes, and possibly upsetting the bachelorette, give her a gift card to Fredrick's of Hollywood. Fredrick's of Hollywood features both exciting and tame lingerie, allowing the bachelorette to find something she'll truly love.

Gift Idea #6: Victoria's Secret Card

Victoria's Secret is another great place to find a gift card for a bachelorette. Victoria's Secret has lingerie as well as clothing. Just note that if the bachelorette is plus-sized, you will want to stick with Fredrick's of Hollywood because they feature sizes up to 3X, while Victoria's Secret only has sizes up to 1X.

Gift Idea #7: Romantic Favorites DVD Set

GiftsThis fun gift is meant to give the bachelorette a break from action flicks and sports. Instead of being forced to watch those things, she'll be able to go to the bedroom and pop in one of these great DVDs. Trust me. She'll be thanking you after one too many action flicks that feature bare chest women.

Gift Idea #8: A Book of Advice

A few months before the bachelorette party, start clipping tips from women's magazines. Sex tips from Cosmo and Glamour will come in useful, but also don't forget to include your own advice. Have everyone who is attending the party add a tip along with a cute message.

Gift Idea #9: Fire Extinguisher

GiftsThis is another fun gift to give the bachelorette who has trouble cooking. Include a cute message that says, "I know that you usually burn more food than you eat, so I thought you might need this."

Gift Idea #10: Pizza Hut Card

If she can't cook, she'll appreciate this gift. You don't have to give her a gift card to Pizza Hut, but be sure it's a place that will deliver.