Put-in-Bay Bachelorette Party Adult Entertainment

Here is some advice on making sure you and your friends have the most fun with a male stripper at your Put-in-Bay Bachelorette Party. We'll cover a few topics on this page including when a stripper is appropriate, why you should have one, information about strippers vs. strip clubs, how to find a stripper in your area, and tips on how to approach hiring them.

When is a male stripper appropriate?

EntertainmentIf you are planning a party for a friend, you probably already know if she will want a stripper. You should also consider the other people who will be attending the party. If your friend's mom will be there you might want to skip the naked, gyrating man meat. Some women won't be phased at all by the presence of their moms. Some moms might even enjoy it more than the bachelorette! Put-in-Bay has a weird effect on some people! Other possible buzz-killing attendees could include sisters of the groom, grandmothers, nuns, married folks, prudes, conservatives, and anyone with a heart condition. Make sure you know which girls will be in yoru group before ordering up "male entertainment" for your Put-in-Bay party.

So you have come up with a good group of girls to come to the party and you have decided to limit the number of invitations you need to send out. Now you will still be able to see a stripper. Great, let's continue.

There are a number of great reasons to see some naked men at a bachelorette party. This will be your friend's last night out (or close to last, since if you remember our tips, this should not be done on the night before the wedding!). She will probably never again have the opportunity to see, feel, or touch a strange-yet-attractive man for the rest of her life. It is also likely that her groom will begin a slow descent into beer-guttedness as soon as the reception begins. The memory of six-pack abs and firm buns will probably last for many years. Send your friend out with a bang!

One decision you may have to make is whether to hire a stripper or not. Here are some pros and cons to help you decide.

They come to you
Focus is on the bride
Drinks are cheaper than going out
No drunk driving
Not as many men
You may have to wait until they arrive
May not last as long

How To Find A Stripper

The most difficult part of hiring a stripper is finding one. Here is some advice about finding and hiring a stripper. You might be surprised by some of it.

EntertainmentForget the internet: We find the internet is crowded with websites for strippers that are not in your area. It is too difficult and confusing to navigate even for internet professionals like us. Finding a great service, only to find out they are in Florida or New York, can be a real buzzkill in your planning.

The Yellow Pages are hot: I bet you didn't know that the Yellow Pages is a great place to look. In the local Toledo, Cleveland and Detroit area Strippers are listed under "Entertainers: Adult". In these metro areas there are more than 12 different companies listed.

EntertainmentThere is probably a company near you if you live between these 3 cities that is willing to make a visit to Put-in-Bay. Try looking for Escort Services that have male escorts also and ask if they strip too. Strip clubs are usually listed under "Nightclubs" and are even more difficult to find, especially around here. There are 2 up in the Detroit Metro area, but that is a long drive that will cut in to your fun Putinbay weekend. Ask Around - Someone will know someone who has seen a stripper recently. Find out where and when and who to call.

Resort Island Customers - You have a long journey ahead. You can either travel into town or you'll have to bribe a not-too-shy guy on the island to take it all off if you don't plan ahead. So do as most bachelorette groups do, plan ahead and call an entertainment service to set up your entertainer in advance. Good luck to you!

How to hire a stripper

To hire a stripper to come to someone's house and dance for about 30-60 minutes you should expect to pay $150-$250. If you have 20 women, this price can be fairly reasonable. If you have located a company, here are a few questions to ask...

Here are some tips for making sure things go smoothly

We hope that this advice is helpful and that you will use it to ensure that you have a good time at all of the bachelorette parties that you plan. PutInBayBacheloretteParty.com: Making strippers easy.